Compression Apparel

Runners and other athletes use running compression sleeves and other compression garments while active to improve their power, weight and flexibility. These items increase circulation and keep the athlete energized and at a high level of performance. 2XU Compression tights help blood flow and circulation in legs. These tights are favorites of athletes seeking powerful but lightweight apparel. 2XU compression apparel is worn by the world’s best athletes. In fact, some of these great athletes helped out with the testing of these items.

The running compression sleeves and all other items have been created based on the finest research among athletes and sporting institutions to produce the world’s best compression apparel. From compression sleeves for calves to compression sleeves for arms, compression clothing keeps blood circulating and even prevents muscle injury.

All of these compression garments come in a selection of colors and sizes for both men and women. Please check out the measurements before placing your order to ensure the perfect fit compression garment.

Go ahead – take your performance to the next level. Check out our collection of compression apparel from 2XU and save.