CatEye Cycling Computers & Bike Lights

If you’re a seasoned cyclist, then you’ve probably noticed the difference owning a true cycling bike can make, but why stop there? CatEye cycle computers and Cat Eye bike lights are two great additions to your bike that will improve your cycling experience. Seasoned cyclers know that CatEye cycling computers and bike lights can make a huge difference when it comes to increasing the intensity and getting serious about your cycling workouts.

While most would rather go for a ride on a warm, sunny day, this isn’t always the case. When you commit to a cycling schedule, the last thing you want is for unfavorable weather to stand in your way. Adding a light to your bike will increase your visibility, as well as allow drivers to see you better. CatEye rechargeable headlights and taillights provide increased safety and visibility and grabs motorists’ attention.

Apart from adding a bike light, serious cyclists should also look into using a cycling monitor to keep track of their progress. CatEye cycle computers are GPS enabled, allowing you to quickly calculate your position. These cycling monitors can also track speed, distance, elapsed time and record data for you to upload and share on web-based training sites. Finally - perfect measurement and tracking for every ride.