Battle Creek Stay Put Dual Comfort Hot & Cold Therapy Wraps

by Battle Creek


Product Details

Product Details

The Stay-Put Hot & Cold Therapy Dual Comfort Wrap offers total muscle pain relief, as well as injury prevention. Pop in the microwave for soothing heat, or freeze for chilled relief. Choose cold therapy to relieve post-workout pains, sprains, bruising, swelling, shin splints, tennis elbow, minor sunburns, or headaches. Take advantage of heat therapy to prepare for exercise, joint stiffness, continuous aches, and muscle pains or spasms.


  • Frost-free design
  • Features a unique brushed surface that minimizes user “cold shock” while maximizing comfort in five different shape/size options
  • Constructed with soft edges and secondary fleece that allows you or your patients to varying temperature release
  • The elastic, adjustable strap features hook & loop secure to stay in place while on the move or at rest
  • Offers twice the therapeutic benefit in a single pack by chilling in the freezer or heating in the microwave
  • Non-toxic

Four popular sizes
o Large 10 X 13” General Use Wrap 
o Medium 6 X 10” General Use Wrap 
o Cervical/Abdomen – 6 X 20” Shaped Wrap 
o Universal Joint - Shaped Wrap 11 X 15”