If you are looking for a way to increase performance and minimize the risk of injury, compression clothing is a good start. Form-fitting garments were traditionally available for the legs and feet, and 2XU compression sportswear has added arm sleeves to this list. Few options for performance enhancement will deliver as many results for the cost. Find out more about the benefits and features of compression apparel from 2XU.

How Does 2XU Compression Gear Aid Performance?
The primary benefits of this specialized clothing for athletics is maintaining the warmth of the muscles. Muscles become more flexible with warmth, and they lose this flexibility as they cool off. Many sports have significant downtimes between powerful movements, and this cooling period between activity is a major cause of injury. Compression clothing for the arms, legs, lower body, and calves is chosen based on the sport and anticipated needs of the athlete.

The line of 2XU compression gear provides benefits beyond the reduced risk of injury. Many people with varicose veins and other problems of venous deficiency use compression clothing to hasten the return of blood to the heart. If you reach a performance plateau, one way to step up the pace is by using this function of compression clothing to provide a boost. Other benefits include:

  • Moisture wicking to prevent rashes and chafing;
  • Faster elimination of creatine kinase and other metabolic toxins;
  • Reduction in soreness and recovery time; and
  • Enhanced focus of muscle direction with reduction in vibration.

Features of Professional 2XU Compression Gear
Unlike the compression clothing found in most department stores, the professional gear from 2XU is designed to maximize the above benefits. Variable levels of compression are used to target specific muscle groups for more or less tension. Circular knitting ensures each garment provides the desired amount of compression all the way around the muscle.


Some gear, such as the calf guards, makes use of denier fabrics for additional support. Solar protection and flatlock seams are other features for athletes. Whether you need greater protection or want to enhance cardiovascular performance by mechanical means, 2XU compression gear can help.