Your Never Really Going It Alone If You Have An “InReach”

Posted by Beth Hartman

If you enjoy hiking the back-country, biking up and down remote mountain passes or navigating a course out on the water where your curious about what lies just over the horizon, you are an adventurer. You are part of an elite group of men and women, who like to test themselves against the norm. But one thing this group has in common is the awareness of preparedness in case something goes wrong. We’ve all heard the saying its just “Murphy’s Law” happening. Well, that’s all well and good if whatever happens doesn’t put you in harm’s way, because your bike broke down, or you slipped on some loose shale and slid down a rocky embankment and injured your legs or your back. Or an even worse scenario, you're out there, just outside the tide-water and your boat starts taking on water. Just what would you do?

Most everyone today has their pick of the latest technological devices to communicate with family, friends, the outside world. But if your part of that group, we mentioned above, that enjoys pushing their limits and are usually in remote locations, where cell phone coverage is spotty if available at all, then things can get a little dicey.

So, what do you do? You're out there, alone, maybe injured, or out mountain-biking in unfamiliar surroundings, or off out there on the water and your boat starts taking on water and you can’t raise anyone on the radio, or your cell phone, you could be in deep trouble! Well, there is a device that can connect you anywhere in the world, so you can get help, by getting in contact with them via a text message. That device is called the inReach, Satellite communicator by Garmin

Most anyone who is into either fitness or relies on finding their way with a reliable, accurate GPS device is familiar with the name of Garmin. They practically developed the current GPS navigation system and are one of the leaders in providing GPS devices that can fit on your wrist, held in your hand or mounted to a bike to provide you with turn by turn directions to help you find your way to where you need to be.

Garmin has invested in satellite technology via a 100% global Iridium® satellite network. You are virtually connected via text messages to those that you allow to receive them. This way you can stay in contact from Alaska to a remote mountain village in Colombia, if necessary. And if your injured, or taken ill and need help the Garmin inReach Handheld Communicator with GPS  can send an “SOS” communication signal complete with your GPS coordinates to a 24/7 monitoring center, where you can text back and forth with that support person, about the nature of your emergency, and receive a confirmation when help is on the way!

These handheld satellite communicators are designed for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to roam further and experience more – without compromising their loved ones‘ peace of mind. From backcountry experiences to international adventures, the inReach provides communication, location sharing, navigation and critical SOS functions for anyone who loves getting away from it all, on land, water or in the skies.

Using the worldwide coverage of the Iridium satellite network, these go-anywhere portable devices let you exchange text messages with any cell phone number or email address anywhere – while using GPS to track and share your journey’s progress. You can also post to social media or even communicate inReach-to-inReach in the field.

You don’t have to worry about being within the range of a cell tower – or encountering spotty coverage in fringe zones or blackout areas. Your inReach communicator works anywhere and everywhere – so you’re never out of range, never out of reach!

Just to provide some examples of how well this communication device works out in the field, we’ve provided a few actual transcripts of events where the Garmin inReach Handheld Communicator provided the necessary direct access to a monitoring technician who dispatched emergency services where they were needed.

Using an inReach SE in California, U.S. – A group of backpackers camping in the Caribou Mountain area reported that a mountain lion was stalking the group and charged at them several times in the night. GEOS contacted area law enforcement and a game warden to request assistance. Law enforcement could not fly into the area at night, but officers stayed in contact with the group via text to provide advice and encourage them to stay vigilant. At daylight, the group hiked out. There was no sign of the mountain lion during the day, but they remained in contact with GEOS and law enforcement until they reached their cars safely.

On Friday with an inReach Explorer+ in California, U.S., A subscriber reported that a family member was experiencing chest pains and having trouble breathing while in the Sierra National Forest. Local search and rescue evacuated the individual via helicopter to a hospital for treatment.

Sunday with an inReach Explorer+ in British Columbia, Canada – A subscriber experienced snow blindness while mountain climbing with a group. Search and rescue transported the subscriber via helicopter to an area hospital.

Sunday with an inReach Explorer in Washington, U.S. – A subscriber reported that a third-party individual fell while descending Mt. Adams and sustained several injuries. A search and rescue ground team arrived, and the individual was eventually transported by helicopter to an area hospital.

Knowing that your never really alone can give you that extra bit of confidence when you're out on your own, doing what you love to be doing. Keeping a Garmin inReach Communicator with you on your excursions can be that “Ace-in-a-Hole” that sees that you get home safely to friends and family. So, don’t YOU want to be “inReach”?

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