Unless Your Living Under A Rock, It’s Just About Valentine’s Day!

Posted by Beth Hartman

It’s Just About Valentine’s Day. How About Giving Your Sweetheart, A Heart-Felt Gift Of Knowing Their Heart Is A Healthy One?

Yes, Valentine’s Day usually brings to mind going out and getting your significant other gifts of the heart. Like boxes of candy, flowers, (roses are the most popular), reserving a table at that great restaurant that she or he likes. Spending a quiet night at home with that special person, maybe giving in and watching her favorite “Chick-Flick” with her, while enjoying a bottle of a wine that you both like. After all, it's all about showing the person you really care about, that you do care about, Them!

And yes, some of the above suggestions can turn out being a little pricy, but heck, it’s Valentines Day, and on this day, you’re not putting a price on your feelings, right?

All of this is fine and dandy but if you really care about each other, then you don’t need to remind each other of this day by giving each other gifts.  And while this day is great for the candy and flower stores playing on your conscious that you're supposed to let your significant other know you care after you give that gift of self-indulgence, it will soon be only a memory, but a nice memory.

Why not give them a gift that really shows you care about them and want them to be around with you for a long, long time? The gift that I’m talking about is really a gift that targets the heart. Their heart, maybe yours too. I’m talking about giving them a heart rate monitoring watch. A fitness tracker, that has the ability to monitor their heart rate as they go about their busy day and hopefully that includes getting in some exercise. Which will help them be around for a long, long time!

This all goes hand in hand with the month of February, besides being the month in which we celebrate our love for our special friend, friends, and family, it’s also Heart Month! Kind of cute how heart month works right in alongside of Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? Which is why we’re choosing to give a gift that monitors their/your hearts, so you/they can know your numbers and hopefully adopt long term healthy habits that can help keep your heart beating strong, for many years to come.

Our hearts are arguably the most important muscle in our bodies, with all the advances in technology today, it would be a shame if we did not take advantage of this "New Wave" of healthy metrics by picking out a fitness monitor that fits your significant others lifestyle.

There are so many wearable fitness monitors on the market right now that are fun and health-promoting. They track heart rate, steps walked, and calories burned throughout the day, which makes it the perfect gift for keeping track of, and making sure that your heart is in tip-top health!

One of the leaders in fitness tracking and now heart rate monitoring is Garmin. Garmin has a very accurate, wrist-based, heart rate monitor. It’s called the Garmin Vívosmart 4 Wellness & Fitness Tracker!  The Garmin Vívosmart 4 will not only track your daily activity, but it will also give smart notifications from your phone, track stress levels and has a pulse ox sensor, and you don't have to worry about it getting wet because it's also waterproof!

This slim, swim-friendly wearable comes loaded with fitness and wellness features to help you make the most of a healthier, more active lifestyle. A wrist-based Pulse Ox sensor lets you estimate blood oxygen saturation while you’re sleeping — or you can spot-check your oxygen levels anytime during the day. The device also monitors heart rate at the wrist and includes helpful tools such as all-day stress tracking, a relaxation breathing timer, and VO2 max readings. Plus, the "Body Battery" energy monitoring helps you know when you’re primed to be active or when you may need to rest.

After all, the gift of good health is a gift that keeps on giving. So why not give your sweetheart a gift this year that puts them on the right track of being healthy, now and for many years to come. I’m sure they and YOU will love this fitness tracker as much as their/your heart does.

Happy American Heart Month and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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