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Posted by Beth Hartman

While Monitoring Your Activity And Your Heart Rate With Fitbit

You're into either getting yourself in shape or keeping yourself there. And we congratulate you on the commitment you made to yourself and probably your family as well. After all, they want you around for many years to come right?

In keeping yourself moving and toning your body, if you’re a friend of both our online store, HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com and this blog, then you know we are all about getting America healthy! And we try to offer the latest and greatest in proven health-related products that will help you reach, maintain, and surpass your goals.

When we see a great offer we try to pass it along using as many resources as we can. This is why we are using this blog post to help you save some money while purchasing a great fitness product that can do all that we mentioned above.

It’s a Great deal on the Fitbit Alta Alta HR,  Using the "PurePulse" heart rate feature, in a slim, stylish wristband so you can better track your calorie burn, gauge exercise intensity, and see your resting heart rate trends. Then their’s the Regular Fitbit Alta

Both of these Activity Monitors will watch every step you take, all day long! While keeping track of the calories you're burning as you put yourself through your exercise routines and also your day to day lifestyle activities as well. And you know the term: “Big Brother is Watching You”? Well, so is your Alta from Fitbit, because it’s overseeing your sleep as well! All this data is available for you to process and use to fine-tune your daily regimen.

And if you end up sitting too long behind that desk during the day, don’t worry, the Alta will give you a friendly reminder to get up and stretch your legs for a bit. Maybe go and take the long way around to the water cooler, or visit the one on the floor above for a change.

But you can’t beat the technology that is provided by a reputable brand like Fitbit to offer these great products at a great price.

But the KEY point is this price is Only Good For this One Week. So you need to act now and follow the links above to get the product details on these great activity monitors and we will put the links below as well so that you can benefit by this great price offering from HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com

The Fitbit Alta HR: 


The Regular Fitbit Alta

Remember, Fitbit is all about getting and keeping you active so why not take advantage of this great price incentive and give yourself a Pre-Holiday Gift, by getting one of the best activity monitors on the market at this price range, BUT, only for this Week!

And thinking of gifts, it’s not a bad idea to get one for your significant other too, and maybe put it away for a great “Stocking-Stuffer” surprise this year, if you can wait that long to give it to them.  

Helping you, help Yourself to stay fit, active and healthy. From the gang here at HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com



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