The Gym Just Doesn’t Do It For Me?

Posted by Beth Hartman

New Year, New Me? Well, maybe all the good intentions are there but every time you make it to the gym to follow through with that commitment, your focus seems to dwindle. And it seems it’s getting to the point where you just don’t feel like making the effort to get to the gym in the first place. So what’s wrong? It just may be that you’re NOT a gym person. Some people just enjoy that musky, sweat-induced smell of a closed in space with people grunting, straining and sweating as they go through their routines. Others just don’t get into that locker room type of atmosphere.

Studies have found that people and they tend to be of the creative bent, that does well in a gym type atmosphere are naturally inclined to be more of an extroverted type of individual. An extrovert is a person who is friendly and outgoing. While that may be true, that is not the full meaning of extroversion. An extrovert is a person who is energized by being around other people. So they are more outgoing and tend to embrace that “group” environment and getting to know their fellow exercise warriors. Along with those of an objective logic, outlook we are more likely to go to a gym and adhere to a regimented workout routine.

While an introvert seems to embrace a more solitude work ethic. They tend to excel once they understand their goals of what is expected of them and they work very hard to achieve those goals while being happy in a more self-awareness existence. These creatively-minded folks, however, were much happier when doing something outside, like cycling, jogging or running compared to being in an enclosed space surrounded by iron-laden machines or free-stands, surrounded by others of the same character makeup.

The most important fact that comes out of this research is that people that find their niche of exercise, will be more likely to stick with it and achieve their goals. But they also need to have a realistic goal set that they can work towards. Once that goal has been reached, another must be created and so on and so on. Those in the gym type environment use that comradely atmosphere to help them achieve their own personal goals since they do not want to seem to be the one to fail in that group type atmosphere.

The loner, who does well challenging him/herself needs that focused mindset to stay focused on their goals since they have no one accountable but themselves. No matter which type of individual you are. One thing that you need to help you achieve your goals is keeping track of your progress. You can keep a log or by using the technology that is now available to just about everyone a smartwatch that monitors your daily activity, in as much as you want it to monitor you! One that has everything you need whether you’re a gym goer or one that likes to go it alone is the Garmin Vivosmart 3 HR Activity Tracker  From counting your reps. to the level of stress your putting yourself through this watch does it all. And there is no longer any need to carry that fitness logbook with you anymore. The Garmin Vivosmart will keep track of all of your exercises, reps and sets along with your work and rest times. That data gets pushed to Garmin Connect during your next sync so you can review your workout in even greater detail. I can definitely help you reach your goals whether inside or if your taking your training outdoors to be one with your exercise routines. You won’t miss a step with this smart watch companion with you.

So, if you find yourself not looking forward to going to that gym to get your dose of fitness in. It just may be your going against your character. Try speaking with a registered trainer to get their recommendations on going it alone. They can map out the necessary exercise routines that fit both your personality and your body makeup. They can also let you know what you need to concentrate on now and what you will need to work towards in order to achieve your goals, in a way that is suited to your body’s makeups.

Bottom line is that you continue to be physical, alone or by being part of a group, and meet and conquer your goals, inside and out!

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