Spring Has Arrived! Are Your Kids Aware Of This?

Today, more than ever childhood obesity is becoming a real problem with children from every facet of life. Even though schools are making strides to improve the lunch and snack fare available to them during the hours that our children...

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The Gym Just Doesn’t Do It For Me?

New Year, New Me? Well, maybe all the good intentions are there but every time you make it to the gym to follow through with that commitment, your focus seems to dwindle. And it seems it’s getting to the point...

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Time Sensitive: Saving Money!

While Monitoring Your Activity And Your Heart Rate With FitbitYou're into either getting yourself in shape or keeping yourself there. And we congratulate you on the commitment you made to yourself and probably your family as well. After all, they...

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Yep, Running Can Keep You YOUNG!

We all know getting a good amount of physical activity into your daily lifestyle is the best thing you can do to keep your body performing the way it was meant to. After all, history provides the necessary facts that...

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