Starting a Walking Program at Work, Part II

Now that you have the first steps to starting a walking program mastered, it’s time to move onto phase to: putting the program into action. Get Moving Set aside a time each day for people to walk. Most people opt to walk during the last half hour of lunch (it’s good for digestion!), but maybe […]
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Starting a Walking Program at Your Work, Part I

Ready to get moving? Let’s get started. Starting a walking program at your job can be easy, as long as you come with a well-organized plan. The first place to start would be your HR department. Before you can do any sort of walking program, it’s best to just make your company aware of what […]
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The First Step To Better Health…At Work!

Looking to get in shape for spring? Well, if you’ve never really gotten into heavy-duty exercise, starting a walking program can be a great way for you to reap the health benefits of walking without having to commit to a gym membership or intense training. Walking programs are as simple as, well, taking a first […]
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