Gearing Up for Spring Cycling

Spring is quickly closing in and many bicycle enthusiasts are rejoicing and beginning to say sayonara to the boring old indoor stationary bike and are ready to hit the trails. If you’re an avid bicyclist, the gratifying feeling of being able to ride outdoors again is unlike any other feeling in the world. If you […]
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Gear Up with the Polar RCX5 Training Computer: Coming Soon!

Back in March, we were very excited to hear about the upcoming release of the new Polar RCX5 Training Computer. You can check out the full press release with all of the details here, but if you want to start preordering, be sure to stay tuned. will soon be offering the Polar RCX5 training […]
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Eyesight and Sport

This is a guest post by Tim Harwood of If you are a serious athlete then the last thing you want to be worrying about is your eye sight. There are enough other issues to concern yourself with, such as making to the end of a grueling uphill cycle climb! If you are someone […]
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