Simple Heart Healthy Tips for American Heart Month

Your heart beats around 3 billion times during your life.  The heart is considerably the most important organ in our bodies, and helps send life-giving oxygen. Nutrients, and other import chemicals that our bodies need to thrive! February is American Heart Month, and the time to love your heart and make it stronger is now! […]
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Gear Up with the Polar RCX5 Training Computer: Coming Soon!

Back in March, we were very excited to hear about the upcoming release of the new Polar RCX5 Training Computer. You can check out the full press release with all of the details here, but if you want to start preordering, be sure to stay tuned. will soon be offering the Polar RCX5 training […]
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Welcome to the Official Heart Rate Monitors USA Blog!

It’s official – we’re blogging. Heart Rate Monitors USA is proud to announce the launch of our official blog, which is sure to be packed with great information on weight loss, fitness, running, cycling, training, and of course, our great selection of products. From deals on your favorite Garmin heart rate monitors to expertise on […]
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