Happy 4th of July

Father’s Day has passed, and Independence Day is right around the corner. There are many people getting their final plans together, doing last minute shopping, fixing the yard up for the annual bbq, arranging travel plans, and just getting things...

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Just How Do I start to Run ???

Ok, it's officially the last weekend of Spring and Memorial Day weekend is now over! This weekend kicked off the beginning of  Summer! You've thought about adopting running into your healthier New You, maybe to look a little leaner and...

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Why Run?

There are two types of people in this world. Those who run and those who do not.Running is not the separation between the gym rats and the couch potatoes. It does not divide the big from the small. You will...

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Mother's Day -- 2016

OK, you all know that this Sunday is Mother’s Day…. And maybe this year instead of sending just a card or dipping into your wallet to fund a lavish dinner in a restaurant that is overbooked with rowdy kids and...

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