So, Just How Many Hats Do You Wear Each Day? Well, The Garmin Vivosmart HR Has It’s Share!

Posted by Beth Hartman

In today's climate, things are often changing, sometimes it seems within days or even minutes. We are all being given a few extra tasks to handle, probably because we are known to be able to get things done.  I like that. What I also like is keeping myself fit and in the best physical shape that  I can.  In order to do this, it takes commitment to exercise, eating right and a good mindset.  One of the tools that I use to keep myself on track is a fitness watch, tracker, monitor. Whatever you want to call them, you have to agree that these tech watches can provide you with all the data you need to keep you on track to meet your physical goals. They now even let you pay at the WaWa, for that bottle of water after a run, how nice is that?  One brand of watch that I like to keep on my wrist are those made by Garmin.

The name Garmin is well known today as being one of the best providers of “Smart Watch” technology. Implementing its advanced GPS functionality into a watch that can monitor your fitness levels and also keeps you from getting lost is just another reason why a product from Garmin can keep you aware of what’s happening both around you and “YOU” itself. I mean your activity/fitness progress!

And Garmin has you covered as far as pricing to go along with all of that functionality they build into their watches. One of my favorites is the Garmin Vivosmart HR. It's a fitness/activity tracker that also keeps track of your heart rate data points. This device combines all the functionality of a heart rate monitor and activity tracker with a smartwatch. Talk about wearing a lot of hats,,,, The functionality of this tracker is really well thought out!

Since we all know that keeping ourselves moving is one of the best ways to keep ourselves in shape on a daily basis, and the Vivosmart HR  can monitor just about everything we choose to do. Whether you’re going for a jog, playing a pick-up game with friends or trying out a new boot camp class, it quantifies the intensity of your fitness activities using intensity minutes. This feature lets you monitor your progress against activity goals recommended by health organizations such as the American Heart Association.

The Vivosmart is able to track distance, time and pace for indoor or outdoor activities. With it’s GPS, you can get even more accurate distance and pace stats as well as a map of your activity when running or walking outdoors. In addition to tracking your runs, steps, and calories, the Vívosmart HR, measures floors climbed and intensity minutes.

Garmin has been developing cutting-edge GPS technology since its founding in 1989. And since 1991, one of its first large clients has been the U.S. Army. And the technology its been creating since then has only gotten better and more accurate, which is a prime factor amongst long distance runners. After all, who wants to carry a paper map around with them, when you're navigating a long distance run, with little chance on taking the wrong path. And since this watch uses smart technology, you are able to stay connected and upload your data automatically to Garmin Connect, via your smartphone!  This way, your family, and friends have a pretty good idea just where and when you are as your running a race, or just out on a training run.

Keeping your progress stats available is important for getting the most out of your training and this app is universal across all Garmin devices, and can even carry data over from a previous device to a new device. It also syncs with your app in the Google Play Store or iTunes account.

The OLED display will track information about your workout, which will be logged in the Garmin Connect app. The Garmin Connect App includes a daily steps goal, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, and a whole lot more. All of this is visualized in a chart generated by the Connect app.

So, if you're looking for a great smartwatch with just about all the functionality you're going to need to monitor your stats as you work out, train, or just call it plain exercising, the Garmin Vivosmart Activity Tracker is one you need to take a serious look at.

So, who’s up for a little CrossFit??

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