So, How’s Your Blood Pressure Lately?

Posted by Beth Hartman

If you’re not aware of it, May is National Blood Pressure Awareness Month! And we want to acknowledge the correlation between walking and lowering your blood pressure. It’s been a well-known fact for a few years now that one of the best things you can do, besides watching your diet and salt intake is to exercise. And since high blood pressure can affect everyone, it seems that it hits our middle age population a bit more. It could be that the baby boomers and the generation X group, (Us I guess, those who were born in the late 70’s early 80’s), possibly get more frequent physicals where they then find out that their blood pressure is either too high or is approaching that danger area of being too low.

But recent studies have shown that an increasing number of young children are also being affected by rising blood pressure. In recent years, studies have shown that with the increasing number of young adults and even adolescents, that they are becoming increasingly overweight. Besides the rising obesity levels associated with eating fatty foods and foods with an abundant amount of sodium, their blood pressure is also spiking at dangerous levels.

The good news is that it can be controlled. Those of us and our children that deal with high blood pressure know that we should and need to eat smarter and exercise more. Unfortunately, our generation, our society, (American), and our children has turned into a group that no longer needs to do a lot of manual work for a living, and have instead turned in their hammers, farm equipment and mechanical and structural jobs for those that revolve around a computer and desk jobs. Which is fine, but our early American workers did more manual work and even though their eating habits were not the best, the compensation was, that they worked harder at their jobs, and in turn, burned off a lot of what they ate before it got deposited as fat and sugars inside our bodies.

Now, along with our desks jobs, our doctors and health givers have grown proficient in realizing with case studies, that a way to keep our blood pressure in check is to get our bodies used to physical activity again, and this can be done by exercising.

Now since your reading this blog post, you know one of our main focuses for our online store is the selling of healthy related products, Heart Rate Monitors, and Activity Monitors  and Pedometers

So you can see why we embrace this focus on May being National Blood Pressure Month and how a good measured, walking program, using a reliable and Accurate Pedometer can
help you get your body accustomed to moving again. But did you know that we also carry a line of accurate blood pressure monitors  as well?

Well, now you know. We carry the industry’s best in home blood pressure monitors, some of which you may actually find in a doctors or clinic’s office. We feel a tool/monitor of this caliber is important so that you can monitor your health on a daily basis if needed. Or just want to spot check your pressure in between doctor’s appointments.

Now, since we are talking about the month of May, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the most important events which happen to fall within this month that also brings us those pretty spring, May-Flowers. It’s Mother’s Day!! And we have to ask you, what could tell your Mom how much you care about her than getting her, her own blood pressure monitor, providing you’re aware that she, in fact, does have high blood pressure. And if she does, we could recommend an easy to use a monitor that can determine your mother’s blood pressure by simply strapping it to her wrist. It’s the Omron BP652N Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. Easy to use and it can recall up to the last 30 readings so your mom and you, yourself can get a good read on how she is doing. But don’t forget to make sure Mom, is doing her own physical fitness part by getting out there and putting a few steps behind her and keeping track on just how many steps she’s doing each day. She might even be able to join a club, or group of friends that like to get out and walk, maybe at an indoor mall, to help keep them walking when the weather doesn’t accommodate. Most malls today, offer this kind of social physical activity to encourage more people to visit the mall.

The bottom line is if your pressure is at the right numbers, then good for you. If it’s not, then get on board and get them there. We already mentioned a few good tips and suggestions above on how you can get those numbers down. We will do another blog post later on the best foods to eat to help decrease your blood pressure. But for now, remember it will soon be Mother’s Day, so besides the card, think about getting her that gift of “self-help-health” by gift wrapping that blood pressure monitor and go ahead and throw in reliable pedometer for good measure. This one, the Pedusa PE-771 Comes with its own belt clip.

And since your Mom is probably fashion conscious as well, it also comes in a variety of colors, to match her outfits. Smart thinking on your part!

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