Move Yourself, Or Be Content With The Body You Have!

Well, how’s the second week of January looking for you? Still making that before or after work, trip to the gym? Have you hooked up with a buddy to join you in your pilgrimage each day to the house of working out? Or maybe you’re going it solo, there’s a lot to say for each of these scenarios, the main point though is to get there if a gym is where you plan to be in order to get yourself fit for 2018.

Regardless if you meet up with a friend at a gym, or out on the street or mountain path for a run or jog. The important thing is to get yourself moving. But regardless of how you’re doing it, with friends, or going solo, are you tracking your progress? And if you’re going solo, relying on your own commitment that you made prior to that ball dropping down to herald in the new year, have you already had thoughts of skipping your new routine when that alarm clock went off at 5 am?

What most people need is an encouragement to continue with that resolution to get healthy for the New Year. At least in the beginning, that’s why having a partner that is also committed to getting healthy is probably your best bet on seeing your commitment through. Most studies have shown that people are less likely to quit on their fitness resolutions if they have a partner that they work out with. Reason being, they don’t want to be shown-up that they failed, or let their partner down.

So having a partner can help you get through the early stages of beginning a new workout routine but things have a habit of changing, just like personal schedules, or even tougher, work schedules. There may come a time when either you or your buddy need to reschedule your time of working out together, or maybe things happen when it’s just not possible to train together anymore. Well if you’ve been both tracking your fitness progress. Things may not be a total loss. In fact, there are still ways you two can still connect, just by using your activity trackers, if, if you’ve got the right tracker that allows you both to connect with each other, no matter what schedule you both keep when working out!

I’m talking about using the new generation of smartwatches that not only monitor your activities, keep track of all those calories you’re burning up while piling up the miles on that treadmill or doing some carb-busting HIIT training to get those muscles toned and flexible.
A smartwatch like the Garmin Vivomove HR Hybrid Smart Watch  This watch can not only monitor your activities but also monitor your sleep habits and let you know when you may need to calm yourself down a bit because your STRESS levels are just a little too high. And remember we mentioned that you and your fitness partner can still keep in touch with each other and be aware of each other’s fitness progress and what goals you’ve both met? Well, staying connected with the Vivomove Hybrid is easy since it uses Garmin’s Connect feature to upload your stats to the Free Garmin Community, where you can select who sees your stats and who you can see as well to monitor each other’s progress and work against each other to make sure your reaching those goals you set back on that cold December 31st New Year’s Eve when the wind-chill was -15 below zero in Time’s Square, remember? And when you do have those slow days when you seem stuck in your chair trying to get all the information you need in order to create that necessary pie-chart. Your Garmin Vivomove HR Hybrid will prompt you to move because you’ve been inactive for just too long. Move, even if it means getting up and taking the stairs to the next floors restroom instead of the one right down the hall from your desk. So this one fitness product can be your mental coach reminding you when and how often you need to be active each and every day besides your regular daily exercise routines.

So, what are you waiting for, Get up, Get Out and Move!


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