Move From Inside The Gym To The Outdoors For A Fall Workout!

Posted by Beth Hartman

Ok, it’s now Mid - October, and the seasons are starting to change over to Fall, and Winter is not too far away, in fact, it was just earlier this week that they had snow in Denver, Colorado.

If you had trouble getting up in the morning when the sun started peeking through your window for your morning workout, just think how much harder it’s going to be when the moon is still shining brightly at 5 am?

Well, for me, I enjoy this time of year, and yes that means getting outdoors with the stars and moon shining down on me. At this time of the morning, things are quiet and the animal life starts to move around if you listen you can hear them moving around you if you happen to live in a rural area. There is a hint here, besides your light-gear of choice, it’s not a bad idea to take along a walking stick with you just to have something with you to help you make some noise if some of the larger animals or even a skunk crosses your path.

And if you’re a city girl or boy, the street sounds this time of day are all their own as well. You may be friends with the paper route delivery people as they drop off their stacks of papers to be bundled up and delivered. Or the local vendors as they get ready to open up their shops to start another day. You might even be a patron of the local coffee shop and stop in after you’ve had your morning run through the streets.

Now we have written before how quite a few studies have shown that exercising in the morning can set you up for a more productive day, both at work and at home, if you’re a mom or stay at home dad. Getting up and moving can get those endorphins streaming through your system to give you that happy feeling as you go about the start of your day.

So, getting back to where we started with the Fall season now upon us, the hot summer sun is fading into a memory as the cool, crisp air of autumn air envelopes us as we go about our daily activities. So, why are you working out in the gym, and breathing in that work out atmosphere, (we really mean odors), when you can be ingesting a fresher, cleaner breath of air outside?

Sure, there is a time and place to use a gym, especially if you’re using the facilities to get in some weight training to up your game, but you still can’t beat the great outdoors to get your blood pumping as you go through some cardio!

One thing you want to make sure you’re doing, no matter where you decide to work out, is to track your efforts and the progress your making. A great way to do that is with an Activity Tracker. There are many to choose from but we like the versatile Garmin Vivoactive Strapless Heart Rate SmartWatch, This watch will soon be your go-to buddy for everything you need from just keeping the time, to keeping track of where you are on the trails by using its state of the art GPS technology and that’s only part of it. With the new wrist-based heart rate monitoring capabilities that are built in you can now track just how well your performing no matter where you doing the straining and grunting 

And since it’s a “Multi-Function” smart watch, no matter what your engaged in this Fall as far as activities go, it will monitor and track all of your moves. From hiking, running, a stint on the golf links, to maybe even a fall or winter swim in that gym pool, or if you’re adventurous, a polar plunge, this watch has you covered!

And there’s nothing like a fall biking trip, and between the GPS that it comes with, and the ability to automatically connect your data, including your location to Garmin Connect, your friends and family will always know where you are.

So again, why are you still working out in a gym this time of year? When you have the ability to keep track of your progress with this great smartwatch from Garmin ? Your only problem is to decide what you’re going to do outside, and where you’re going to be doing it!

So what are you waiting for, go and get that Vivoactive Smartwatch from and let’s see you take the “Fall Season” head on!

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