Keeping Your Pet Fit While You’re Walking Yourself Healthy Too!

Posted by Beth Hartman

It’s 5am and you’re out for your morning walk/run as the case may be. Now that the summer season is behind us, you know that its darker in the morning hours now and getting dark as well after 6pm. If you’re getting a little tired of tracking those steps all by yourself, why not take your dog with you as you get your exercise so that he/she can get theirs as well?

Now if you’ve been a long time reader of our blogs and have purchased health related gear from before you know we like to provide you with products and suggestions to help keep you motivated while you’re getting yourself in better shape.

We came across the FitBark from Fitbit and we think it’s time to track your pets state of physical fitness, after all it's the least you can do for man’s best friend! 

The FitBark is a wearable accelerometer (dog pedometer) which you put on your dog’s collar to keep track of their daily activity.
It is simply an activity tracker, so loving pet owners may make sure their dogs are receiving plenty of exercise throughout the day. The great thing about this pet pedometer is that it works 24/7 to track not only your pets activity while he’s/she’s bright eyed and bushy tailed awake but also while their sleeping. Since it works with Bluetooth you can be aware of your pet’s activity levels even when your not the one walking with them. The App allows you or anyone you provide access to, to track and monitor your pets physical activity levels, throughout the day. So if you have a pet walker that takes “Fido” out two or three times a week, you can actually track the time, distance and steps your pet has taken on their daily activity. This is all done with the Fitbit App Journal.

Get new medical and behavioral monitoring insights. Keep an eye on your dog carefully when they are unwell. Track the development of particular problems (e.g. weight loss, osteoarthritis, post-surgical recovery, dermatitis, separation anxiety, etc.) and make better decisions with your veterinarian.
The Fitbark is small and fits comfortably on the collar of dogs of any size. Tibetan mastiffs to Chihuahuas, it’s great for all sizes of animals, simply use a collar not wider than 1.18 inch. It’s also waterproof and rugged and has battery life up to 2 weeks.

So when you’re lacing up your own shoes, to get ready for your morning run, then don’t forget to make sure the Fitbark  is firmly on your pet’s collar and help him get the exercise he/she needs as you get FIT YOURSELF!

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