It’s Just About Halloween !

Posted by Beth Hartman

It’s Just About Halloween, Look and See What You Need to Do to Equalize That Candy Your Snacking On!

Well, we all have a sweet tooth and usually, we get a little satisfaction from an autumn night full of midget size ghouls and goblins, and maybe a witch, ghost or Frankenstein monster or two.

We all have fun either going out with the kids as they travel the neighborhood, knocking on doors and singing out “Trick or Treat” Smell……well you know how it goes. Then there are the people that hold the fort down to answer the doorbell and let the little trick-or-treaters in to do their thing and hopefully get some healthy snacks or if you want to make them happy, a handful of candy. If you’re like me, you’ll have a large amount of that sugary substance on hand to appease those scary visitors. But you and I both know, while you’re busy waiting for that doorbell to ring, you will find that your hand is in that bowl full of goodies and popping one piece, then another into your own mouth. Well, what’s the harm anyway?? It’s not like it’s a full-size candy bar right? It’s only the “bite-size” kind of sweet. Below are a few facts on just how much exercise you will have to do in order to negate the giving into your weaknesses and having more than just one piece.

I don’t know about you but Reese’s peanut butter cup is my number one weakness. Well, 5 miniature pieces are 220 calories and contain 13 grams of fat. To make it a wash, you would have to run at a good pace for 17minutes.

How about a Kit Kat? Well, two miniature bars contain 210 calories and 11 grams of fat. And you're looking at 16 minutes on the treadmill. Makes you wonder why you unfolded the wrapper.

Sour Patch Kids, Just a 1 fun-size pack contains 210 calories but the good thing is no fat. Still, to negate those calories you’re looking at spending 16 minutes on that treadmill. Get where this is going? The more you eat the more you’re going to be calling your treadmill your new best friend.

Ok, you can’t go too far wrong with a Hershey Kiss, right? Well I know I like them more than I should and the reason is, eating just 9 (who can eat just one?) pieces will put 200 calories into your pocket along with 12 grams of fat and tighten up your sneaks as you run off 16 minutes of time to make up for eating that sweet confection.

Like the crunch of a Butterfinger? Me too, but just two fun-size bars equate to 170 calories and it will take 13 minutes to do away with the oh-sweet damage.

My wife is a big, I mean big Snickers fan, she loves them, lucky for me she also believes in moderation, because just two fun-size bars will add 160 calories to your daily intake along with 8 grams of fat and you’re looking at 12 minutes of running around the yard.

Like chocolate and nuts? How about an Almond Joy bar, just two fun-size bars will add 160 calories to your waistline along with 9 grams of fat and will take 11 minutes of hard running to make it a thing of the past.

Well, you can see where we are going with this. Now, we are NOT saying you shouldn’t have any candy after Halloween only comes around once every year. Go ahead and treat yourself, but just don’t TRICK YOURSELF into thinking those small pieces won’t cause any damage. Take it all in stride and have a few but keep it all within moderation.

Remember, the more you chomp down, the longer your going to be in that gym or out on the road pounding the pavements to work off all of those sweet little Halloween treats

Have fun, be safe and please keep an eye open so that all the neighborhood kids will also be safe and have a great time this Halloween evening. Be Spooking You……


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