How’s Your Blood Pressure Doing This Holiday Season?

Posted by Beth Hartman

So we are right in the midst of all the holiday clamor as we all hurry along, shopping for that special gift for the people we care about. From going to pick out that special tree, whether it’s at a tree farm, a local lot or maybe you’re picking your first artificial tree, there is soooo much to do to get ready for this special time of year.

You may be wishing you can spend some down time this time of year with family and friends but in reality, the stress of making your Christmas season, one that is reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell picture, and can very well impact your health, and not too many people pay attention to the warning signs!

The fact is that a lot of pressure comes with the holidays. And so health concerns can  sky-rocket for a lot of people at this time of year. High blood pressure and Christmas do NOT have to go hand in hand.

Could Christmas be bad for your health? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

You may have heard the term, “The silent killer” well, while most people think that it is referring to your blood pressure, the true motivator is “Stress”. Which if you let it, can elevate your pressure to such a state that you can indeed become ill.

The three big causes of high blood pressure and poor health, in general, are poor diet, lack of exercise and stress, tension or anxiety. All three of these factors can grow proportionately during the holiday season. We often find ourselves sitting around the dinner table gorging ourselves on various mixtures of sugar and grease, too stuffed to move and getting annoyed with our relatives.

OK, that’s the worst case scenario, and thankfully it’s never usually that bad. But if we approach the holidays with a bit of forethought we can avoid the holiday snares and still have a good time.

If we keep things in perspective and think things through, the holiday period we can even make Christmas good for your blood pressure.

So what to do? Just try to strike a balance.

Now we know you have all heard the phrase, “Everything in Moderation” Well, that’s because there is a reason for it. Go ahead, enjoy Christmas dinner and the festive parties that happen this time of year, but don’t stuff yourself. Use that "Common Sense" we are all supposed to have. You know that anything in excess is not good for you so keep a reign on your portion sizes and make it a point to engage your friends and distant relatives in some conversations.  This is a great way to keep you from going back for seconds or even thirds at the deseart table.

Make sure you get some exercise on a regular basis this time of year. If you need to set yourself a goal or if you need to be prodded along, go and get yourself an Activity Monitor , this way, depending on the type you get, it can remind you when you’ve been staying put a little too long. To get moving, especially before and after those holiday meals. Strive for balance. You’ll feel better, more relaxed, and it’s less likely that that irritating cousin of yours will get under your skin and raise your blood pressure as usual. Remember, a balanced life is a happier life – and one where blood pressure stays within manageable limits.

Most importantly of all – stop worrying so much. Worrying never solved anything and simply put, it’s bad for your health. Worrying raises stress levels and blood pressure. So if you can’t find that special present that Johnny had his heart set on, don’t stress it, usually anything you give him will be appreciated, especially if along with the gift, you add some personal time along with it!

So the most important holiday message we have for you is – try not to get too stressed. Stress is the silent killer, not high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a symptom.

Now, we take having high blood pressure seriously and if you suffer from high blood pressure you should be seeing your physician regularly. And we think it’s safe to say he/she (your physician) probably suggests that you take your blood pressure regularly so that you are aware of how you’re doing.

At we are fortunate to carry some of the most accurate blood pressure monitors on the market. From automatic pressure monitors that self-inflate, to ones that allow you to take your pressure on your wrist. If you want some peace of mind, then click on this link, and check out the various types of blood pressure monitors that we have available.

So from all of us here at, have a healthy, stress-less holiday season.


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