Getting Dad Fit For Father’s Day-2017

Posted by Beth Hartman

Well, it's only a few days until Father’s Day this year. So what plans do you have for celebrating with dad this year? Please don’t tell me you’re on the prowl for just that right neck-tie! We know trying to find the right gift for dad is getting harder and harder as you get older. But if your dad is like mine and when I think of how I’d like to spend this day that’s built up over saying thanks to the man who was there for me. If I were him, I’d just like my children to be with me on this day if they can.

So what can you do to make this day special this year? How about planning to do something together with your dad that you can both enjoy and create a couple of memories that will be your own to share for a long, long time. Now below are a few ideas that come to my mind, but remember, this day is about you and your father. Since this day is all about him, think of something he'd really enjoy, but will get you both moving and active.

There is just something about going for a bike ride that makes even a bad day a great day. The fresh air, depending on the path, track, or even scenic road trip can provide the backdrop for a good time with the opportunity for some great conversation between you and your dad and your other brothers and sisters if lucky enough to be able to have them join you and dad. Now, if your dad's already a bike enthusiast, then why not give him a tool to allow him to get more out of his ride then just enjoying all that beautiful country side. Get him a good GPS cycling computer from Garmin. The Garmin Explorer 820 is a great reliable piece of equipment that will always let your dad know just where he is and he can share that information to his biking buddies so they can follow along with that same route. The And don’t worry about not having a bike for everyone, most state trails seem to have a local bike rental shop nearby where you can rent a couple of bikes and go out and enjoy just being together. That would make it just a special event that you can all enjoy together.

Whether your dad is a gopher or not, depending on the weather, it could be a great morning or mid-afternoon excursion to take him out to the driving range and hit a couple of buckets of balls and make a few friendly wagers on who’s going to hit it the straightest and further. If he is an avid golfer, then you may want to consider gifting him after your done hitting those balls, and we’re guessing you did let him beat you right? Surprise him with a tool that will help him to maybe carve a few strokes off of his game with a Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch . This watch can help him to improve not only his golf swing but with the GPS built in he can see just how far his ball lies from the pin. When you give it to him, just check out the smile that appears on his face when he unwraps this surprise present.

There is just something about men and fire! This would be a great day to plan a family barbecue and let your dad take the lead as "Master Chef" of his domain and let him take charge of the grill. Since the combo of meat, fire, and grilling seems to get most men pretty excited, throw a healthy backyard barbecue in honor of dad. Make it even better by gifting a set of grilling tools that your dad can use that very same day! And one way you can make sure your dad hits the mark in getting everyone’s favorite meat done at the right temp. is to gift him with a Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer, this is one way that your dad produces the finest fare off of a grill next to Bobby Flay!

A little game of one on one? Even if it was only on a driveway hoop, playing basketball with dad was a big deal for a lot of people. If your dad is a b-ball fan, head outside for a fun game of one-on-one, or even a game of H-O-R-S-E. A little competitive spirit makes for great bonding.

The bottom line on Father’s Day this year is to just be there for your dad. It’s all he really wants, after all, every dad wants to see his children as often as he can and on this day especially, being there with him and doing a few things with him will create a memory that both you can he can share for all time.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there, both young and old!

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