Fitness Trackers – Weight Loss And A Healthier YOU!

Posted by Beth Hartman

Look around today as your walking down the street, shopping, at the office or just stopping in for your morning "Pick Me Up Cup of Coffee". Chances are you’re going to see some sort of fitness tracker on someone’s wrist or maybe clipped on their belt. Fitness is the buzz word today and more and more people are getting them and wearing them. But is it just like people wearing fashionable workout attire? They have to have one because they want to fit in, Get It "Fit" In,  with the people that are deemed the “Cool Ones” and they want to be part of the current trend.
Well if that’s the reason they’re buying Fitness Trackers some merchants are all right with that. After all, that helps their sales bottom line.

But here at we’d like to think that you’re buying a Fitness Tracker for just that reason, to get YOURSELF in Shape. It’s now October and it won’t be long till you're making your New Year’s resolution again. Scary isn’t it? Well, there are new trackers and heart rate monitors being developed all the time. This year we brought you the new Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS Watch Wrist Based HR and Activity Tracker Not to mention the new Polar M600 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch  or we know you’ve heard of Fitbit, which is probably the most popular like of Fitness Trackers this year and last year as well. They also introduced the new Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Tracker HR  and the Fitbit Flex 2 Swim Proof Activity Tracker which is brand new and will be coming out this month. 

The bottom line is here at we pride ourselves in bringing you the latest products to help you with your lifestyle maintenance program. A healthier you means you're going to be around longer for your family and friends and that makes us happy!

So don’t be that group of people that just wear the newest fitness watch so they can look like they're a part of the healthier fitness throng. Wear them because you want to use them, to get you up to your highest fitness potential!

In the meantime, we here at will continue to shop around for you, in order to keep bringing you the best tools we can find to keep you reaching for new personal fitness goals. And from time to time we will write some new posts on what we feel can help you and your family and friends with timely articles that cover seasonal happenings that you all can take part in, and that will also work towards keeping you active and healthy.

So take a look at that smart watch, have your reached your daily goal yet??? Well WHY NOT!

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