Fall Weather .. Cooler weather perfect for a new routine

Posted by Beth Hartman

Fall is a great time to add changes to your workout routine. With the temperatures dropping and the leaves changing, fall allows for many outdoor activities without the summer heat. Many of time restrictions are gone as well…which means more time to enjoy healthy activities. Create good habits that will help keep your goals going strong through the winter months. Here are some activities that are perfect for the fall season. We recommend an Activity Monitor to start tracking your progress as well as a Good Shoes/Sneakers

Hiking can be a great family adventure that can also burn a lot of calories. Plan a trip through a local state park to check out the foliage changing color.

You can get outside and walk without worrying about the temperatures being too warm. Go for a walk around your neighborhood a great everyday activity.

Running during the hot and humid summer months can be a challenging activity, but fall creates the perfect outdoor weather for a nice jog.

Workouts During TV
Some of your favorite TV shows are back in the nightly programming. Want to get in a workout but not miss your favorite show? Try doing quick workouts during commercial breaks as a way to burn calories and enjoy your show at the same time!

Exercise During Practices
Fall starts the fall sports season for most schools. If these practices take up time you would otherwise use to work out, why not combine the two? Use  the bleachers as a more challenging workout.

Let us know what some of your favorite fall activities are. How do you plan to stay active throughout the next couple of months?

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