Fall Is Apple Picking Time, But It’s Also A Great Time For Golf!

Posted by Beth Hartman

Fall is one of those times of the year when people start to realize that the winter months are really not that far off. This makes them want to get in as much outdoor time as they can and luckily there are many different venues that happen this time of the year.

From people going on corn-maze adventures, to find the best crop of sweet, delicious apples and cider to take the kids, family, and friends on a hayride, with looking for that perfect pumpkin in the pumpkin patch at the end of the trip. Yes, Fall has a lot to offer, the clean air, that’s just starting to get a tinge of coolness in it. To the leaves on the trees beginning to change color and paint a magical landscape for us all to enjoy.

But the Fall months is also a great time to continue to enjoy a few rounds of golf before the winter winds start to blow and that white stuff begins to fall. Yes, Fall can be a great time for any golfer that’s looking to take a few strokes off of his/her game.

And if you're looking for a little help in turning your fairway shot from a decent one, to a shot that your friends will be a little jealous of, why not take a look at the Garmin Approach X40 Fitness Band.  Now, this watch will provide you with just a little advantage over your golfing buddies in as much as it will let you know the distance to the front, middle and back of the green while letting you know just where those hazards are so you can plan your shot accordingly. And besides the golfing advice, (naturally, you're going to be carrying your own bag and clubs since you don’t use a caddy) so your Garmin Approach can act as your tech-caddy, that just provides you with the pertinent information about the lay of the land. It also keeps track of how many steps you're taking around that course while keeping an eye on your heart rate. We don’t want to encounter any problems while you're playing a round or two now do we?

The Garmin Approach X40 is preloaded with 40,000 golf courses and highly sensitive GPS receiver. This makes this amazing wrist-band your ideal golfing partner. Whether you are playing on your local golf course or teeing off at some place new; the band’s high-sensitivity GPS receiver will provide you with accurate distance data. It will show precisely how far you are from the next pin on the crisp touchscreen display, even if you’re under the tree canopy.

This little wrist-based golf companion will keep you honest as well, in as much as it keeps a record of your score for each round with its built-in digital scorecard. After the round, you can save your score and later review your performance. You can also use Garmin Connect Mobile with your smartphone to upload and share your best performance with your golf buddies.

So, if you like golf, and I know I do, when are you going to get your own Garmin Approach X40 ? I already have mine and I’m taking advantage of all the features it has available. After all, who knows, with the X40, I just may hit a front 9 below 70! Now that would be a feat indeed. How about YOU?


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