Exercise Is Where You Find It!

Posted by Beth Hartman

Here at HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com you know we are all about health and helping you to be as healthy as you can be. That’s why we bring you some of the best health tracking devices and some supporting accessories in a one-stop-shop, online store. Now if you know our staff, you know that we practice what we preach. We like to be physical and stay active. So when we leave our happy place of employment each day, we all go about our favorite activities.

Today, I’m going to zero in on a favorite of ours. It may not be taking a fast run in the morning or hitting a steep mountain trail up into the hills but it still counts as physical exercise. That is if you’re walking around and NOT taking a cart!

That’s right, I’m talking about hitting the links and carrying your own golf bag (weight avg. 30-35LBS) around with you as you try and hit that little white ball, (color, of course, is optional) into a 4 and ¼ inch hole in the ground. Oh yeah, there is a little flag marking the hole for you to aim at from a distance.

Now, you may not think that playing golf ranks with the “Cross-Fit” or HITT crowd… and your right! But playing golf and walking those 18 holes out in the sunshine, carrying your own clubs and going up and down the fairways and swinging those drivers and 9-irons does add up to you getting in a fair bit of exercise. After all, according to “Golf Week” and other sources, the average time it takes to play an 18-hole, round of golf is 4 hours. Since you’re walking, toting around that golf bag and taking a couple of swings every so often, you’re not only burning up some calories, but you're also working your core, your abs, and your legs and stretching your hamstrings to boot!

Now I like a little advantage over my playing companions, and use a Garmin Approach S60 Golf watch to help me get a leg-up, or swing up over my friends as we play. After all, using this great little gadget even helps me to hit the ball better in relationship to where the pin is and where my ball actually lies. It has a function called “Green View” It gives me each Green's true shape from wherever I am on the course, and it allows me to manually drag-and-drop the pin into the correct location for greater accuracy. PinPointer even tells me the direction to the pin when I have a blind shot. And since it uses the latest GPS it shows precise yardages to greens, hazards, and doglegs, on full-color course maps. How cool is that?

Now, as I said above, playing a round of golf, while it's not exactly like hitting the gym or running, walking or hiking up a mountain trail, I’m still getting the benefits of increased physical activity. And since I can enable the tracking function on my Garmin S60, I can also track the distance that I’m walking around on the course, and a number of calories I burned, while I’m out there, enjoying myself and getting some fresh air and sunshine to boot.

So, remember, the next time the topic comes up around the water cooler and your cohort is bragging on how much he/she worked out over the weekend. You can say with a smile on your face that you played a mean game of golf and happily burned over 1,400 calories while enjoying the sun and your golf buddies as you trekked around the links. And that’s not counting the other physical and mental benefits you got while having a great day and enjoying all the weekend had to offer.

So, who’s ready for some golf? You??

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