Does Your Game Stand Up To The Back 9?

Posted by Beth Hartman

In the summer we always look forward to great weather. After all, the sun comes up early and sets later so that our days are longer than at any time of the year. How we spend that time dictates what we talk about when the winter winds begin to blow, and that white, wet snow begins to fall. Some of us like to take advantage of the summer sun and head out to a sandy beach or secluded pond to do some swimming, fishing or just plain soaking up all that sunshine.

But there is that group of men and women that can't wait for the snow to melt away from their favorite golf course so that they can begin to shake the rust off of not only their clubs but also themselves after being forced to watch the reruns of championship golf matches on the golf channel.

If your one of these golf enthusiasts, then you know the only way to improve your game is to practice, practice and more practice. Working on your swing, your long drive, chipping and of course your putting. Nothing does more to help improve your game than becoming familiar with the lay of the land that makes up your course. The different contours the fairways have, the various obstacles that the designer of the course made sure that it's laid out, with enough of a challenge so that it tests your mettle and don’t forget the greens. The lay of the greens can put added strokes to your game! Sand traps and water hazards have nothing compared to the way a green can devastate your putting game with various angles, slopes and cut-away runs that can send your ball, once you even make it onto the green, rolling back away from the pin to drop into a water hazard.

Well, the PGA Championship has just ended and there is still a full summer and fall season of Championship golf to watch and your own weekly games to take part in. If you want to help shave some strokes off of your game, you may want to consider giving yourself a little advantage. Now, we're not saying you need to be a little light with the pencil as your marking your scorecard, that just wouldn’t be on the up and, up right? No, we are talking about giving yourself a little advantage in the way of a technology advantage. We are speaking of a Golf Watch!

The Garmin Approach S60 GPS Golf Watch to be precise! This golf buddy provides precise distances to each location on the course, as well as “Plays-Like Distance”, which adjusts yardages to account for uphill and downhill shots so you can select the best club for the situation. And with Touch Targeting, you can touch any point on the map for precise measurement to that exact spot — including fairway, sand traps, water hazards and more. And when you're about to lay up for the pin, “Green View” gives you each green’s true shape from wherever you are on the course, and it allows you to manually drag-and-drop the pin into the correct location for the day for greater accuracy. “PinPointer” even tells you the direction to the pin when you have a blind shot.

And your getting more than just a “Golfers Helper" here, In fact, this watch can be used for more than just golfing with preloaded activity profiles for running, cycling, swimming and more. And with activity-tracking features, including the move bar, vibration alerts, calories and steps, the Approach S60 will help you stay fit, day in and day out.

So, there you have it. After all, using all the benefits technology has to offer is by no means cheating on your golf game, right? After all, you still need to hit the ball 😊

See you out on the greens, your golfing companions here at!

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