College Is Ending…..Reality Begins! Attitude Sets You Up For Success

Posted by Beth Hartman

Now, this time of year, mid- to late May, and early June, the caps and gowns are being worn by graduates of our higher education institutions across the country, and across the ocean as well.

Hopefully, your child is ready to put all that learning you paid for them to good use and begin a great career in their field of choice. If you were lucky enough to have your offspring attend a college that was close to home, then you had the opportunity to watch them not only learn, but observe the change that comes over a young adult as he or she, not only broadens their knowledge, but with interacting with their fellow students and by the guidance of their professors and teachers, they become adept at acquiring and having confidence in the career they have chosen for themselves.

You, as a parent, or guardian, have been there for them through this whole process. Now the time has come for graduation. You might be wondering what gift you can give them to show them that you are confident they will succeed. Well, you may be wondering where all this dialogue is going, but here at we firmly believe that a good attitude can help anyone, young or old succeed in life, no matter what obstacles of speed bumps happen along the way.

We have always felt that being healthy, helps a person have a better outlook on life. And various studies have shown that people that have a regimen of fitness programs, usually exceed in their professional lives as well. Studies have been out there for years now on how it would be in a company’s best interest to begin a on the job health/fitness program.

But we believe that a person who has learned to adopt a healthy life style early on in life usually have that “Take Charge” attitude already ingrained in their personality. And the key to everything is NOT being complacent with how things are.

They accomplish this by always striving to improve themselves, (Health Wise) by pushing themselves just a bit further, every time they feel they have plateaued. This kind of attitude will serve them well in any workplace. It helps give that person the knowledge that they want to move up in any business that has given them the opportunity for employment.

So, if you’re looking to provide an incentive gift for your son or daughter, we would recommend a well-founded activity tracker or one that also measures their heart rate as well. There are several brands out there but if you’re looking to provide your child with a reliable and accurate source of data that they can use to measure themselves against, we like the Garmin line of health related products. Now, Garmin, like many companies have a history of combining various technologies with both activity watches and heart rate monitors for individual use being an off spring of their original business models. Garmin has been around since it was first formed in 1983 with our government being one of their first customers in acquiring various types of GPS products. But that is another possible blog post.

For now, suffice it to say, Garmin had been around for quite some time and has made an impact of individuals and trainers who are looking to push themselves and can track their progress with a reliable personal monitor.

As we said earlier, we feel that those individuals who have already adopted a life style of scheduled exercise will find themselves ready and able to apply that “Get it Done” attitude from their personal life, into their new career.

So, we at would like to wish all the new graduates out there, our best wishes for a successful beginning to their chosen profession.


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