You Don’t Have To Binge on Valentine’s Day and Then Have Regrets the Day After!

Posted by Beth Hartman

Valentine's Day is usually a Card-and-Candy Holiday—throw in a candlelit dinner out on the town and you're bound to be a hit with your some-one special, but you probably will also overindulge in calories. While a romantic night is a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day, there are other ways to be romantic with your significant other. And, if you're solo, don't crash on the couch alone, with a spoon and a container of ice cream. Take your person of interest and check out some new activities together, that can get you both moving.

Whether you're a single Sally, single Steve, or sharing the day with someone special, try these activities and find out how many calories you can burn, instead of packing them onto your thighs and posterior!   One thing you can give each other instead of a box of guey chocolates is an Activity Monitor like the Fitbit Charge so that you both can monitor just how many calories your going to be burning on this romantic day.

Sign up for a Valentine's Day Race with that special someone, remember for every 30 minutes of running you are burning 288 calories... Keep at it for an hour or two and neither of you will feel guilty if you go out on that evening for a night on the town.

Valentine's Day means spending time together. Why not take the first step and sign both of you up for a fitness class. For every 60 minutes of intense aerobic exercise you can say good-by to 477 calories. You need to build upon the fact that the time you spend together is the quality time that both of you need.

If you’re in an area where the weather is decent for Valentine's Day, try having a little one on one with each other as you both tackle a rock-face. If you can go the distance to the top, rock climbing is a great way to challenge yourselves and for 60 minutes will shed 747 calories off of your frames.

Nothing says Valentine's Day like treating yourself and your partner to a relaxing massage. On top of the euphoric feeling you both will have, you can do a supple calorie burn of 63 per hour of satisfaction

Want some alone time together??? Why not spend the day hiking while you both enjoy the great outdoors and be sure to take along something to relax you both while you rest by the fire, after your day in the woods. And surprise, 60 minutes of hiking will burn 405 calories along the way.

Into dancing on this day, well go ahead and enjoy the evening dancing the night away while you also dance away 342 calories for every 60 minutes you’re engaged in moderate dancing

And since Valentine's Day is in February, chances are the weather has more of that winter feeling to it. Don't let that stop you from having a great day or evening with your partner. Lace up a pair of ice-skates and set the tone for some cold weather fun... While you’re enjoying yourselves on the ice, you’re also burning up 342 calories for every 60 minutes you’re out there doing your “Axel” jumps.

So, just look at this list. Who says you need to get her a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day. Try some activities to keep you both active, fit and a burning caloric machine. And know what??? You can both have a great Valentine's Day, just by being active together!!


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