Happy Green Monday What is Green Monday???

Posted by Beth Hartman

Well, it doesn't mean recycling if you refer to the word "Green"!!

Happy Green Monday 2015 or as some call it, "Cyber Monday Part Two." While the deals are not as widespread today like they are for Cyber Monday, this is still a huge day to save with sale price offerings, similar to Black Friday.

 Just what is Green Monday? Green Monday was actually established by eBay to describe its best December deals and this has resulted in more on-line traffic over the years. You will see various store wide sales today from many of your favorite merchants.  Green Monday plays off the success of Cyber Monday, and is now among the top revenue-generating days of the holiday shopping season

 EBay was the first to establish Green Monday a few years ago, and now the other major retailers have followed suit.  Companies like Walmart say that some of its discounts are actually better than they were on Black Friday.  On top of Green Monday, Amazon is in the midst of its “12 Days of Deals.” Monday is Day 9, and the theme is “deals for the tech enthusiast.” Computers, tablets, headphones and more electronics are discounted on Amazon. Target and Best Buy are advertising Green Monday Deals as well.

 Even if Green Monday isn’t quite as well known as Cyber Monday, it still brings in serious money. Just last year, shoppers spent $1.6 billion on Green Monday, and experts expect that number to reach 2 billion this year.

 Green Monday is also lucrative for retailers because frantic shoppers don't want to show up empty-handed at holiday gatherings and are therefore forced to make a gift choice because of the time crunch.

 According to PC World, Green Monday is also the biggest shipping day of the year, with services like FedEx and UPS,experiencing a serious uptick in package shipments so that presents arrive on time. The United Postal Service as well is expecting to handle over 1 Billion packages today alone.

 If you haven’t made any marketing promotions for today of this year you definitely want to highlight your marketing “Need to Do List" for 2016 and make sure your Green Monday plans are laid as far in advance as Halloween!!!

 So there you have it. Green Monday is a day of sales and it's probably the best option for last-minute online shoppers to nab the deals of the season. It's also been touted as the "Poor Man's Cyber Monday" label due to the discounts that retailers are willing to offer to help end their year on a positive trend. However, to us we think perhaps a better term would be "The Savvy Shopper's Cyber Monday," since it's an opportunity for the consumer who wants to take advantage of those final holiday sales and save some cash.

 Happy Cyber Shopping!!!

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