Ok, I’ve reached my goal of weight loss, now what

Looking down at my weekly weigh in, I can’t keep the smile off of my face.

It’s here, the day I’ve been working towards for months, maybe even a year.  I’ve reached my weight loss goal!  Now what do I do????

You may be asking yourself that same question. You first set out on a goal to prove something to yourself and maybe to your family and friends, that you could do it.  You’ve been overweight since you can remember and have put up with all the fat jokes and laughed at yourself when you were with others to take the sting out of what they were saying about you. 

You made a commitment to yourself that you were going to change. You made a schedule of working out and what you were going to do to achieve your targeted weight loss and you stuck to it.  There were days you didn’t want to follow through with it but you stuck with it.  Now after all that time, sweat and effort you’ve made it.  Take the time to pat yourself on the back, take a good look at yourself and feel good about what you have done.

 Now how do you maintain it and not slip back to your former lackluster ways?

 Your goal to losing weight is just that a goal.  Now that you’ve reached it, you need to set other goals for yourself to keep you motivated and maintain what you have achieved.

 Rather than keeping your focus on weight loss or just trying to maintain your weight, try shifting your focus to performance based goals.  Working towards these new goals give you a new ‘mountain’ to climb and give you something to look forward to.

  Ever try and do ‘Pull-Ups” before? Set yourself a task to work up to doing 3 sets of 10 pull-ups in a row each day.  You probably won't be able to do 3 sets, maybe not even one.  But again, that is the purpose of setting that goal.  If it was easy, then the goal would not mean as much to you when you achieved it.  After conquering that first set of 10 pull-ups. Attack the next set, and the next.  In a short time like your distance you will find yourself wondering why it was so difficult in the first place.

If available and you have access to a pool (inside or out) try and set yourself a new goal of doing X amount of laps each workout, two or three times a week. This is a great way to maintain your new body and keep the muscles worked and toned.

 Ever run in a ½ or full marathon? This could be a new life experience for you. There is a lot of training that goes into prepping for an event of this magnitude. Set your new goal to increase your stamina so that you can conquer this challenge and become a member of an elite group. You wouldn’t think of doing this before when you were heaver. Now is the time to test yourself all over again.

 Like being outdoors and seeing nature at its best? Now that you’re in pretty good shape, why not pencil in a day to take a hike in the great outdoors?  You can plan your route so that you not only get to see some great scenic views, but you can also challenge yourself to make the climb (hike) in such a way that it also works your body and keeps your muscles toned.  Don’t forget to take along your Garmin Monterra hand held GPS unit so that you can stay on track and view your maps just about anywhere you are, with its high sensitivity GPS/GLONASS receiver for better positioning.  This is one device that not only tracks your route, but also lets you plan your next one using software like “BaseCamp”. 

 Don’t forget, appearance is a consequence of fitness.  By staying hungry and working on new TYPES of goals, your body will follow suit by continuing to look better and better, and you’ll feel stronger and stronger.

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