October known for its Beer Festivals, is also known as the running Month.

There are 11 main marathons taking place throughout the United States in the month of October. With the New York TCLS marathon culminating on Nov. 1st   From Maryland to California, from San Francisco to Main, runners from all over the world compete and challenge themselves every day in order to achieve a better time as they cross that finish line.

Anyone can run a marathon whether it be a half or a full one.   But remember, you don’t have to be a marathon runner to take part in any running or walking event and there are a lot out there. The key is building up your muscles and increasing your stamina.  This takes consistent training and a mental resolve that you are going to follow through.  Once you have made that commitment, keep a journal of how you are doing.  If you train each day or 3-4 times a week, track it.  In order to gather all of your training results, you may want to invest in an activity monitor like the Garmin Vivoactive Smart Watch or one that also incorporates a heart rate monitor, like the Polar M400 to monitor your hearts performance so you know when you are taxing yourself and at what pace. 

 Don’t let the weather be an obstacle to your training either. Running, walking or jogging is not just a fair weather activity.  We are not saying to go out and run in a downpour or lighting storm but a few raindrops will not hurt you either, especially if you are dressed for the weather.  Take along a good quality type of rain gear like the “Red Ledge” rain jacket and you will stay dry while you put those miles behind you. 

 Remember, be consistent in your training, build up your stamina and endurance and in no time you will be ready to strap on your entry number and wait for that starting gun!

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