Celebrate Good Nutrition Month

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Eating healthier can make a big difference. Now is the time to start.

Eating healthier can make a big difference. Now is the time to start.

November is Good Nutrition Month and you know what that means: it’s time to kick it up a notch on your current diet plan. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just nourish your body properly, eating healthy can often lead to a wealth of benefits. Better overall health, reduced risk for certain diseases, clearer skin, improved athletic performance, and even just feeling much better are only a few of the things that good nutrition can do for you.

So this month, kick off a promise to yourself to start eating healthier. Not sure where to start? Let us help with a few tips on where you can give your diet a makeover:

  • Drink more water. This is the one nutrition element that is most often overlooked by many diet plans. Your body needs water to work at its best and if you’re an athlete, you can’t risk dehydration and muscle fatigue. Before, during, and after any athletic contest, be sure to drink enough water. In the meantime, make it a habit to carry a reusable water bottle (like a Camelbak BPA-free water bottle) with you at work and on the go so that you always have access to hydration. At meals, switch to water instead of soft drinks to reduce calories.
  • Eat more whole grains. Not only do whole grains give you energy to perform, but they also come packed with a variety of other nutrients (like fiber) that can help you perform your body’s functions more effectively. With additional fiber and whole grains in your diet, you may notice better digestion, less bloating, and an overall sense of well-being. Plus, with whole grains, you get more complex energy, so you’re properly fueled up for any athletic contest.
  • More lean protein is a good thing. Lean protein can help you build muscles and maintain many bodily functions, so make sure that you’re getting plenty of poultry, fish, and even some leaner red meats (every once in awhile for a boost in iron). Not a meat eater? You can also get lean protein from a variety of other sources, including Greek yogurt, nuts, beans, and legumes.
  • Fruit and veggies are your friend! If you want to instantly feel better and balance out your diet plan, it’s best to start with an increase in your servings of fruits and vegetables. These foods are packed with vitamins and minerals, plus, they have a variety of properties (like antioxidants) that make them an essential for good health. Next time you crave a snack, reach for an apple or bag of fresh carrot sticks instead. It’s much more filling and beneficial for your body.

What other tips do you have for improving your overall nutrition? Have you started eating healthier during Good Nutrition Month: Share with us in the comments!

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