What You’ll Need to Get Healthier in 2011

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While you don’t always NEED to have lots of expensive tools and accessories on hand to achieve your goal of getting healthier, these things can actually make things a lot easier, especially if you’re not quite sure where to start or have a very specific goal that you want to achieve. So, to help you equip yourself with the supplies needed to achieve your New Year’s resolution of getting healthier, we’ve come up with a little list of fitness/wellness tools that can help you stay on track or keep informed of your progress.

Garmin Forerunner Heart Rate Monitors

Garmin Forerunner Heart Rate Monitors

If you want to lose weight: A body fat caliper and a pedometer can be a great start for you. Body fat calipers measure the amount of body fat you have (and lose) as  you go through your diet plan in 2011. Pedometers can keep you encouraged to get moving, as exercise is a key component to any successful weight loss plan. Make it a habit to wear your pedometer daily and try to get at least 10,000 steps per day. It’s about the equivalent of 30 minutes of exercise, which is recommended for a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to train for a triathlon or athletic contest: A heart rate monitor is absolutely essential. Not only does a heart rate monitor help you track your heart rate, times, and pace, but they can also give you valuable insight into your training plan and whether or not you’re making progress. We highly suggest checking out some of the options from Polar, Garmin, Timex, Mio, or other brands in our heart rate monitor selection.

If you want to keep your blood pressure in check: A blood pressure monitor can help you keep in tune with your  body and can be very valuable when used in conjunction with diet, exercise, and if necessary, the proper medication. Talk to your doctor to find out some ways that you can lower your blood pressure while encouraging a healthy lifestyle. If you have to make one investment in this New Year’s goal, definitely talk to your doctor.

If you want to eat right: Download a nutrition-related or calorie counting app to your phone. It’s quick investment that can help keep you accountable. If your phone doesn’t offer that flexibility, pick up a journal and start writing. Keeping a food diary can help you narrow down where you need to change your diet, plus, it shows you exactly what you’re putting into your body and the resulting levels of nutrition. Have a bit more to spend? Invest in some time with a nutritionist who can help you develop the right dieting plan.

If you want to exercise more: Invest in some time with a personal trainer or with an exercise training plan. Designing a plan that works for you can actually pay off more than just joining a gym. Instead, look to find a plan that can meet your specific needs and THEN look at buying the right supplies. You may need anything from a heart rate monitor to a set of weights depending on which muscle groups need attention. The first step: talk to a trainer.

If you want to relax and rejuvenate: It’s best to look for things that can soothe and induce relaxation to achieve this wellness goal, so sit down and think about what makes you feel relaxed. If it’s a scent, look for some aromatherapy candles or bath salts that can help you unwind. If it’s music, pick up or download some songs that can keep you feeling at peace. If it’s mediation, try looking at some DVDs, books, or even a private lesson to help you find your sanctuary.

If you want to drink more water: Keeping a reusable water bottle can be a great way to ensure that you’re giving your body the water it needs to stay healthy, keep hydrated, and of course, support so many of your body’s important function. We carry some reusable water bottles by Camelbak that are perfect for helping you achieve this fitness goal. Make it a habit to keep your Camelbak bottle with you at work, on the go, in the car, or while you exercise. It’ll be a good reminder to drink up! Also, switch from soft drinks to water at every meal. You’ll be cutting calories while improving your level of hydration.

Now these are just a few recommendations for several specific health goals. If you have a specific health goal that you’d like to see some recommendations for, leave us a comment and we’ll let you know what things you might need to get the job done. Remember – you can do this without the help of accessories – however, for some people, a heart rate monitor, pedometer, or even just a water bottle can make a huge difference in their achievement of a goal.

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