How Much Does a Good Pair of Running Shoes Cost?

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The saying, “You get what you pay for”, couldn’t be any truer than when it comes to a good pair of running shoes. You want to make sure you get the support you need, the durability, cushion and the comfort all in one shoe.

A good pair of running shoes helps you run for longer distances and longer periods of time, although, if you go the cheap route, you may have an injury or just have soar feet when you’re done.

So, what are some good running shoes to consider?

I would go with any brand that is well known and has good reviews. I preferably like brands like Asics, Adidas, Nike and Reebok. If they have good reviews, you know that others who have actually tried them liked them and would recommend them to you.

They don’t have to be the most expensive shoes on the shelf, but you probably won’t find them for a “cheap” price.

That brings us to the question of how much does a good pair of running shoes cost?

I would say the average pair of running shoes costs anywhere from $80-$150. That is a wide range, but it’s true. You could find a great deal on a pair of Nikes for $80, or you could find the top of the line Asics for $150. It’s not to say you have to pay that price to find a good pair, but that’s usually the going rate.

Shopping for a good pair of running shoes takes some researching and may take a few days to find a good pair. Certainly don’t settle for the first pair you come across. There are several styles, colors, designs, features and prices to consider. Most importantly, when you find a good pair, stick with it!

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