A Simple Calf Stretch To Get You Moving

RunnerGearing up for your next run, workout, or trip on the bike? Be sure to stretch out your calves using this simple and easy technique that goes through three simple stretches.  Remember – stretching before exercise can help eliminate injury. Plus, it just feels good!

OK – let’s get started:

Start out by stretching the outer part of your calf, called the gastrocnemius. Start out by sitting with both legs straight. Loop a jump rope around the ball of one foot. Grasp each end of the rope and then flex your foot back toward the ankle, toes toward your knee.

Next, stretch the soleus (inner calf) by sitting with one leg straight and the other one bent with your foot facing up, almost like you are going to push off the floor with your heel. Grab the bottom of the foot on the bent leg and keeping the heel to the ground, pull your foot toward your body as far as you can. Go slowly to avoid strain.

Then, it’s time to stretch the Achilles tendon. Sit with one leg straight and one leg bent. Bring your heel close to your bottom. Keeping the heel to the ground, grab the toe of your shoe and pull the foot toward your body.

That’s it. You’re done in just three steps. Now be sure to repeat on the other leg :)

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