Starting a Walking Program at Your Work, Part I

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Ready to get moving? Let’s get started.

Starting a walking program at your job can be easy, as long as you come with a well-organized plan. The first place to start would be your HR department. Before you can do any sort of walking program, it’s best to just make your company aware of what your doing. They may even have some tools that can make things easier along the way, such as recommended routes, literature on the benefits of exercise, etc. Plus, your HR department will likely applaud your efforts to make your workplace even healthier :)

Once you’ve got the OK from HR, it’s time to get started. If you plan on being the chief organizer of the walking program, sit down and start coming up with a goal that everyone who participates can work toward. Maybe it’s a distance. Maybe it’s a number of steps. Maybe it’s pounds lost or calories burned. Whatever it may be, that goal will be what everyone stays working toward throughout the program. So step one: SET A GOAL!

Once you’ve got your goals, come up with a space where everyone can walk by either designating an area on company property (talk to HR) or by creating a little course/map for everyone to follow. Track distance so that it’s easy to see how far one is walking while participating. Don’t have a lot of space? See if employees are willing to walk along the sidewalks in front of the building or at a nearby park/recreation center. Let’s recap step two: CHART A COURSE!

Now on to step three: GEARING UP! In order to do a walking program successfully, you need a way to track yourself. The best solution is to have participants (or your company) purchase pedometers. These little devices are easy to use and best of all, they keep everyone accountable. Track your steps, track your progress, track your success…all it takes is a little pedometer to get started.

At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we’re proud to offer pedometers that are both affordable and dependable so that you can get your walking program started. Choose from simple, basic models to more sophisticated pedometers that allow for you to download your walking info. Either way, you’ll be getting the tracking power you need. Ready to gear up? Shop the selection of pedometers today at Heart Rate Monitors USA.

In the next post, we’ll give you more tips and steps for starting a walking program at your workplace. Stay tuned!

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