10 Ways to Improve Your Diet

March is National Nutrition Month, so in the spirit of sticking with a healthy diet, we’ve come up with a list of 10 things you can do to eat healthier this month as well as all year round!

Check out these 10 tips for a healthy diet:

Freshly cooked plate of spaghetti

1.) Switch to water. Drinking water at every meal can shave off HUNDREDS of calories each day.

2.) Get acquainted with good portion sizes. Mayo Clinic has a great slideshow of portions so that you can get an idea of what good portion control looks like.

3.) More fresh fruits and veggies. Not only do these foods come packed with valuable nutrients and antioxidants, but they’re also key for fending off a variety of health problems, including cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, and cancer.

4.) Focus on eating more fish and shellfish. It’s full of lean protein and can provide your body with brain boosting omega fatty acids.

5.) Take a vitamin supplement if you feel you’re not getting the complete nutrition your body needs. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor before starting any supplementation.

6.) Stick with whole grains. Bored with whole wheat pasta? See if you can incorporate some lesser known foods, like quinoa and chia, into your diet to spice things up while limiting your intake of processed grains.

7.) Eat smaller meals frequently throughout the day. It’s better for your body to eat 6 small meals a day than 3 large ones, especially if you’re practicing good weight control.

8.) Be smart when it comes to snacking. Instead of heading for the vending machine, reach for fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, hummus and pita chips, or cheese and crackers.

9.) Read the label. This is HUGE when it comes to nourishing your body properly. By knowing what you put in, you’ll be much more conscious of making good diet decisions. Avoid foods that are heavy in preservatives, dyes, or other unhealthy ingredients.

10.) Eat out less. Eating out usually means hefty amounts of calories and oversized portions. If you do decide to eat out, split your portion in half so that you can have leftovers the next day.

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