Our Best Tip for Improving Your Cycling Workouts: Analyze Your Training

Polar CS500 Cycling Heart Rate Monitor

Polar CS500 Cycling Heart Rate Monitor

As the Tour de France draws closer every day, all cyclists are reminded of their committment to be their best and to pursue their own training success – even if they aren’t going on a ride through the French countryside.

Cyclists everywhere get a reminder to be better during Tour de France season and at Heart Rate Monitors USA, we want to help with our best training tip possible. We’ve seen a lot of cycling successes and even some trade secrets, but there’s one thing that remains pretty constant: you have to analyze your training sessions.

Taking time to reflect on your performance can be one of the best things you do as a athlete, no matter what your sport. For cyclists, anaylizing training sessions can reveal much about your progress, your current state of performance, and even what your future training plans might be.

So how can you get this data? How can you see where you are as an athlete? Try using a power meter, cycling computer, or heart rate monitor to record data from your key workouts, performance tests, and races. Even if you decide to monitor your performance for a full year before making any changes, it can provide a TON of data for you to work with.

Then, once you have your core data, think about the things that your cycling computer or heart rate monitor can’t record, like your highlights and downsides or your goals and achievements. Take a closer look at what you wanted to do and how you did it. You’ll be a better athlete for it.

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