Dr. Oz’s Lucky Numbers, Part 2

In our last post, we talked about the first three of Dr. Oz’s lucky numbers for better heart health. If you want to start counting yourself toward better wellness, be sure to read through the other numbers is Dr. Oz’s list:

25: This number is the number of grams of fiber that we need every day at least. Grown men should get about 35 grams. The more fiber in our diets the better. Fiber can help in keeping the digestive and cardiovascular systems healthy while reducing the risk of heart disease. Looking for great sources of fiber? Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are all good places to start getting more fiber.

1: This is the number of alcoholic beverages you’re allowed to have in one day. Dr. Oz recommends that beer or wine will do: beer contains B vitamins and wine has polyphenols. Just make sure to keep it to one serving per day.

0: This is the number of trans fats that you should eat. Food labels are not required to list trans fats if it’s less than half a gram, so you may find that some “0 grams trans fat” labels are misleading. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated ingredients are most definitely trans fats and contained in many common foods and snacks.

6: This is the maximum number you should have in a hemoglobin A1c blood test. A number higher than 6 indicates insulin resistance, which can be a big problem for your heart. Look to keep your sugar in check and if you have questions about diabetes, your risks, or how your body uses insulin, talk to your healthcare professional.

What numbers will you start working on first?

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