Did You Know? July is Hydration Awareness Month

Posted by Craig Trinkley

CamelBak Water BottlesOn hot summer days, it can be tough to stay cool – and hydrated. But drinking enough water can mean more than just feeling more comfortable. Hydration can mean the prevention of dehydration, cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. The average person can lose as many as 10 cups of fluid from daily activities and exercise, which can be staggering on hot days. You need to replace the fluid you use through frequent hydration.

July in Hydration Awareness Month and at Heart Rate Monitors USA, we’re doing everything we can to keep you hydrated. We’re offering a great selection of stainless-steel and BPA-free CamelBak water bottles, CamelBak hydration packs, and even electrolyte sports drinks that can help you recharge and stay hydrated all month long. Once you have the right bottle or hydration pack, make sure to let your thirst be your guide when it comes to drinking enough. If you feel thirsty, sip on cool water from a hydration backpack or a water bottle. If you’re exercising, don’t wait for thirst to stay hydrated. Exercise can weaken your body even more, so it’s important to drink water before, during, and after exercise to stay energized and hydrated. Plus, drinking water while exercising can help in the prevention of fatigue.

Don’t like the taste of water? Try adding one of our CamelBak Elixir tablets to your water to add flavor – and valuable electrolytes. Either way, you’ll be recharging your body with what it needs to stay active.

Want more tips on staying hydrated? Here are a few of our best tips:

  • Avoid coffee, soda, sweetened teas, alcohol and artificially sweetened juices if thirsty. These drinks can sometimes leave you feeling even more dehydrated. Plus, they contain excess sugar and caffeine, which can be bad for your diet.
  • Don’t like the taste of plain water? Add a twist of citrus, cucumber, or even a CamelBak Elixir tablet for flavor.
  • Did you know? Coconut water can be a great way to rehydrate after exercise. It’s rich in electrolytes and tastes great!
  • Carrying a water bottle with you at all times can help remind you to drink enough. Try keeping one at your side all summer long.
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