Tricks for Staying Motivated

Posted by Craig Trinkley

Woman ExercisingIf there’s one thing we understand, it’s motivation. It’s a lot of work and definitely a challenge, but motivation can help us achieve some of our biggest goals. From PRs in races to meeting a target weight, motivation can guide us toward being healthier, more active, and even happier people! The trick is to get motivated and STAY motivated.

Here are some of our best tips for staying motivated, no matter what the challenge:

  • Make a plan. Most fitness and weight loss plans fail because, well, there is no plan! If you’re looking to meet a fitness goal, start out by creating a plan with benchmarks. Give yourself a time period to work within and set points along the way to measure your progress.
  • Be understanding. Change, of any kind, takes time. Be patient when you’re working on bettering your wellness. It may take a little longer than expected. Keep your eyes on the destination.
  • Seek help. Wellness is a combination of mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes, we need help in those areas in order to achieve our goals. When you’re struggling, seek out the help of a professional who can bring you back into balance and keep you motivated. Personal trainers, fitness instructors, massage therapists, yogis, clergy, counselors, therapists, nutritionists, doctors, and other healthcare professionals can give you tools and advice to help take you to the next level.
  • Do things with a friend. It’s hard to work on a fitness goal alone. Working toward a common goal with a friend keeps both of you motivated and focused on the outcome. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!
  • Use tools. Motivation can sometimes be simplified when you have the right information in front of you. Training tools like heart rate monitors, pedometers, fitness watches, cycling computers, and other exercise gear can keep you moving and progressing, which is what you need when you’re working toward something better.

What are your best tips for staying motivated?

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