10 Tips for a Healthier Halloween

Posted by Craig Trinkley

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Heart Rate Monitors USA!

We love Halloween, but we want to make sure to keep things from getting too out of hand. You know, Halloween is one of those sneaky holidays where extra calories always seem to creep up. It’s scary to think about all of those goodies at home, at work, and just about everywhere in between!

So, if you’re looking to have a healthier Halloween this year, consider some of these tips. Put them into practice for yourself, but share them with friends and family too. It always pays to be a bit healthier!

  1. Going door to door throughout the neighborhood? Be sure to bring something to drink with you. Dehydration can easily sneak up on you after hours of ringing door bells, so keep a hydration backpack or reusable water bottle on hand.
  2. Instead of driving to go trick or treating, spend the evening walking to get your heart pumping and your metabolism revved up. Just be sure to dress appropriately and use reflectors or glow sticks to alert drivers. Stay on the sidewalk and stay safe!
  3. Dress for the weather. Dressing properly not only keeps you comfortable, but can also keep your immune system from being weakened by temperature. Plus, there are many temperature-related health issues that can arise when you’re not properly dressed. When in doubt, bring a sweater or layer your clothing so you can adjust comfortably throughout the evening.
  4. Enjoy candy – in moderation. Everywhere you turn, there will be a bowl of candy. Be sure to practice moderation to ensure
  5. Make healthy food choices. Instead of reaching for a Halloween cupcake, try an apple with peanut butter instead. You’ll get protein and fiber without all of the sugar and calories. Plus, apples are a marvelous fall treat that’s perfect for Halloween.
  6. Snack on pumpkin seeds instead of candy as you go from door to door. It’ll keep your energy levels up!
  7. Eat a healthy meal before going trick or treating. You’ll be less likely to snack on goodies in between stops.
  8. Take a costume break if you feel uncomfortable. Wearing a costume that’s too hot or too heavy can cause injury, not to mention, hours of discomfort. Change costumes or take breaks so that you don’t overexert yourself.
  9. Bobbing for apples? Be sure to wash all of the apples thoroughly before putting them into the water basin.
  10. Don’t eat any candy or goodies until you get home. Be sure to check all candy thoroughly for tampering, expiration dates, etc.

Remember, have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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