Finis Hydro Tracker Brings Gym Benefits to Field-based Training

Posted by Craig Trinkley

Finis Hydro Tracker GPS

Finis Hydro Tracker GPS

New technologies, such as the Finis Hydro Tracker, are making it possible to combine all the benefits of a gym workout with the excitement of outdoors adventure. Scientific management of exercise is nothing new. Athletes have used technology for years both to inspire themselves to stronger performance and adjust routines for maximum benefit.

There are several ideas about how to maintain motivation and track progress. One of the most important is using a diversity of activities, like utilizing a triathlon training program of cycling, swimming and running. Besides keeping the routine exciting, variety also ensures a total body workout. Performing in the real world, versus a controlled gym environment, also helps by keeping the experience fresh.

There is a drawback to this type of training, however. Many athletes and enthusiasts prefer the gym, because machines are capable of measuring the heart rate, distance, speed and other variables. Progress can be tracked closely and compared with past and future performance. For professional athletes, knowing these variables can spell the difference between a plateau and excelled performance. The Finis Hydro Tracker, and other new field-based technologies, can track variable, map distance and time, and allow real-time sharing of information.

The Finis Hydro Tracker is one of the latest arrivals at Heart Rate Monitors USA and we’re really excited about what it has to offer. This swimmer’s GPS monitor rests on the back of the head while you swim, to give you constant GPS signaling for tracking your workouts. Each GPS includes a free online training log where you can use mapped workouts, share accomplishments, view your workouts as visual stats, set strategic goals, and save your multi-sport performance stats. For any triathlete, the Finis Hydro Tracker GPS is a great way to monitor how well you’re doing in pursuit of your fitness goals. Use it on its own or with a heart rate monitor to get full body, total sport monitoring.

Check out our latest addition, the Finis Hydro Tracker GPS, today at Heart Rate Monitors USA.

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