Polar Features to Maximize Your Training

Posted by Craig Trinkley

Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor

Whether as a recovery intervention for chronic disease, athletic training for maximum performance, or as part of a weight loss effort, exercise can be augmented with the use of Polar heart rate monitors. The workout routine will benefit in several ways from the additional information and tracking capabilities provided by Polar, which stand out as some of the best in class features out there for training.

From the physical standpoint, real-time statistics on the heart rate, blood pressure, distance, and calories burned will help in achieving pre-set goals. The collection of this data in easy-to-read charts will provide a psychological boost to training and help with establishing realistic fitness objectives. In all Polar heart rate monitors, it’s easy to read, record, and analyze this real-time training data. Think of it this way: the more you know about your workout, the better you can interpret your actual performance and areas of improvement.

A Trainer in Every Setting
Personal trainers serve several functions. They motivate clients and help them set goals based on the current fitness level. Polar heart rate monitors can provide the same services without limitation – or needing someone to work out with you every time you try to squeeze in some exercise. One of the best features found in Polar monitors is the ability to establish goals along multiple variables and receive notification when those goals are met or exceeded. This reduces the risk of injury and prevents under-training in the field.

State of the Art Training Features & Software

Collection of data is facilitated by Polar’s own software and GPS. Data collection is extremely important for establishing current fitness levels and designing workouts. Other features ensure that every workout provides maximum results. Polar heart rate monitors also showcase some pretty nifty training features, including:

  • Polar OwnCal, which shows the number of kilocalories expended during training as a percentage of fat.
  • Polar OwnZone, which determines your personal heart rate limits for a training session, which can vary from workout to workout.
  • Polar Strength Training Guidance, which helps you optimize for strength training with heart rate readings, set spacing, and rest periods.
  • ZonePointer, which indicates whether you are inside your pre-set target zone, to keep you on task and on target.
  • ZoneLock, which helps you accumulate certain intensity.
  • Polar STAR Training Program, which gives you weekly targets for training based on your own unique criteria.
  • Polar Fitness Test, which measures your aerobic fitness level in just five minutes.

What’s your favorite feature in Polar heart rate monitors?

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