Silver Thyme Sanitizer Gel: Alcohol Free & Long Lasting

It is always important to keep cleanliness in mind when you are working out, especially while at the gym. Many gym members use a single dumbbell or weight machine in one day, which means that germs can possibly spread without one even realizing. The perfect solution to kill germs after a workout is to keep a small hand sanitizer with you. Instead of buying just any hand sanitizer, however, make sure you are buying one that is most beneficial to yourself and to your environment.

Alcohol Free Sanitizer

Alcohol Free Sanitizer

Argent US Bioscience has a small 2 oz hand sanitizer, called Silver Thyme Sanitizer Gel, that is all natural and alcohol free. It is made with a unique formula of natural ingredients proven to kill common germs. The ingredients are 100% safe and non-toxic.

Unlike alcohol-based sanitizers that dry out or damage your skin, Silver Thyme Sanitizer Gel is alcohol free and contains aloe vera, thus keeping your skin constantly moisturized and protected. Alcohol-based sanitizers evaporate seconds after use and it also dries up the skin to leave a new place for germs to grow. Silver Thyme’s effective non-alcohol sanitizer kills over 600 bacteria and can keep your hands protected for hours. This limits the need for constant application and proves the theory that “less is more.”

Silver Thyme is also fragrance free and non-irritating. To use, simply squeeze 2 or 3 drops into your hands and massage for 30 to 40 seconds until dry. Your hands will have a silky, smooth feel. The ingredients will stay on your hands and blend with the natural oils of your skin.

Are you ready to order your Silver Thyme Sanitizer Gel? Stock up on some today or even order a single bottle to try it out, as there is free shipping on all Silver Thyme alcohol-free sanitizer orders.

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