Walk to Better Health with a Walking Plan and Pedometer

Downloadable Pedometer

Downloadable Pedometer

Walking is a great form of aerobic exercise suitable for nearly everyone, from any age and level of athletic fitness. The remarkable benefits walking offers are reason enough to start including some modest exercise into your daily routine. If you haven’t thought about walking, now is the time to start.

Though easy to begin, there is a right and wrong way to begin a walking program. The most important thing is to ensure plenty of motivation, because benefits rely on regularity. This can mean using pedometers to keep track of progress and enlisting friends and family into the program. You may also want to choose to walk on a schedule, or to use other motivational tools to keep you moving. The key is to do so on a consistent basis. The more regular exercise you get, the better. Avoid falling into the trap of just walking once or twice a week and then falling off the wagon.

Pedometers and heart rate monitors can be great tools for starting a walking program. Not all monitors are the same, and it makes sense to choose one right for your specific needs. For instance, some people will benefit from the no-scroll display of the Sportline 308, and others will find the CR-786 Downloadable Multifunction Pedometer to be best for keeping motivation high. It all depends on what features you’re looking for (and we make it easy with our product search and shopping options).

Regardless of the style chosen, it is important to begin any exercise program with an easy workout. Slow progression from your current fitness level will protect against over-exertion and injuries. The only competition in a walking program is your own past performance, and pedometers can help make the most of competitive motivation. Start slow and work your way up and watch as the benefits start to make themselves more visible. Before you know it, you may find yourself with more energy, better breath, or even a few lost pounds on the scale.

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