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Posted on May 23, 2012 by administrator
Wahoo Fitness Bike Case

Wahoo Fitness Bike Case

Smart phones have made certainly made life easier for most of us. We check the weather, the news, our email, our Facebook pages…you name it and we can probably check it through our smart phones. But for those who want to get even more out of there smart phones, there’s a new kid on the block: Wahoo.

If you’ve been keeping up with our site, you’ll see that we’ve recently added a great selection of Wahoo Fitness accessories for iPhone. What does Wahoo do? Well, for starters, it gives you the ability to sync your iPhone with any ANT+ fitness device, which means things like heart rate monitors, bikes, and treadmills. Once synced, your iPhone will send all of your fitness training data to the Wahoo Fitness App for iPhone.

The Wahoo Fitness App for iPhone is a running and cycling App that transforms your phone into a fitness tool that can keep up with your training pace. Just use this app with any Wahoo Fitness accessory and you get ANT+ enabled tracking on all of your workouts – but that’s not all.

The Wahoo Fitness App lets you share your data with all of your favorite fitness management tools, including:

  • MapMyFitness.com
  • Runkeeper.com
  • Nike+.com
  • TrainingPeaks.com
  • GarminConnect.com
  • MapMyTracks.com
  • 2Peak.com
  • RideWithGPS.com
  • dailymile.com
  • Strava.com
  • Dropbox.com

or email/dropbox data in .pwx, .tcx, .csv, .gpx, or.wf files for upload and analysis anywhere.

Once you’ve shared your data, you can take a look at your performance and make smarter training decisions. Wahoo Fitness products also provide real-time data recording, flexibility of use and data screens in the app, super easy configuration and compatibility with a ton of devices…the list is long, but that’s a good thing. If you want to see what the Wahoo Fitness App can do, check it out on the iTunes app store.

In the meantime, you can take a closer look at our extensive selection of Wahoo Fitness gear. We have favorites like:

  • Aerobar Bike Mounts
  • iPhone Armbands
  • Bike Cases
  • Bike Packs
  • Blue HR Heart Rate Straps
  • WCycling Speed-Cadence Sensors
  • Extended batteries
  • Fisica Sensor Keys
  • Protective bike cases
  • Soft heart rate straps
  • Stride Sensors
  • Run-Gym Packs

To see a full selection of our Wahoo fitness products, visit HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com.

But besides using Wahoo products to train smarter, here are a few more tips to make the most of your iPhone when you’re working out:

  • Set alarms and schedule workout time in your calendar. It’ll keep you on track with your overall training program.
  • Use nutritional apps to encourage healthy eating before and after exercise. You can track calories, foods, and other nutritional data in various apps, or you can just keep a simple food diary.
  • Like to read or watch videos on your iPhone? Try reading through fitness magazines or articles to stay informed of the latest wellness news. In the mood for a movie or TV? Try watching a workout, meditation, or yoga video. It’s better for your health than another reality TV show episode!
  • Set reminders for yourself to drink enough water. Remember – you’re made of more than 70% H2O!

How do you use your iPhone to train smarter?

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