The Healthiest People in the World

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Today, we have an infographic that’s actually really interesting. Have you ever wondered about who the healthiest people are in the world?

The health of a country is most frequently identified by low infant mortality rates and long life expectancy for adults. Iceland, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand and Finland are currently the top five countries with the healthiest people in the world.

Diet is a key component for healthy living and it is no surprise that people in the five healthiest countries, have healthy diets. Meals are built around heart healthy fish and tofu as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Choosing locally grown foods ensures freshness as well as whole foods which are low in fat and high in fiber improve health. Diets in these countries limit sodas and sugary drinks while including water, herbal teas and red wine.

Additional factors in maintaining or improving health include reducing stress through meditation, vacations and hobbies; making physical exercise a daily habit; and enjoying healthy social relationships with a focus on face to face interaction.


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