Jump In – And Pre-Order the Garmin Swim Watch

Garmin Swim Watch

Garmin Swim Watch

For awhile, swimmers have been yearning for a top maker of monitoring technology to catch up to their sport. Garmin has decided to take the plunge – literally – with it’s latest roll-out: the Garmin Swim Watch.

It’s not a heart rate monitor, but it’s powerful nonetheless. This swimmer’s watch includes features that can make sw

Features of the Garmin Swim Watch include:

  • Length/lap counting
  • Distance
  • Stroke counting
  • Pace
  • Calories
  • Swolf score (gauges swimming efficiency)
  • Stroke type identification
  • Log drills
  • Start timed intervals
  • Quick timer workouts
  • Configurable training pages
  • Auto-detect rest times
  • Sport watch: yes

The Garmin Swim Watch also works for drills with some user input. To see how, just read through the product data here.

It’s compatible with Garmin Connect, it automatically syncs with your computer to transfer data, and it has memory storage of at least 30 workouts. Use the time, date, and alarms to stay on schedule and let the long-lasting battery keep you moving. You’ll get water resistance up to 50 meters, comfortable design, and monitoring features that make it easier than ever to train for your sport.

To get the specifics on what this swimmer’s watch can do, be sure to check out the offical product page for the Garmin Swim Watch.

Place your pre-order for the Garmin Swim Watch today.

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