TIME Features the Fitbit Ultra

Posted on August 20, 2012 by administrator
Fitbit Ultra

The Fitbit Ultra slides easily into a pocket, clips onto shorts, or goes wherever else you're going to give you real-time fitness stats.

In the most recent TIME Magazine, writer Jason Fulford shared some of his favorite must-have mobile gadgets and one of those picks was the Fitbit Ultra. If you haven’t given the Fitbit a look as an activity tracker, it’s one of the world’s most sophisticated and compact options.

Sized similarly to a thumb drive, the Fitbit Ultra is a constant fitness companion. Once you clip it on, it counts the steps you take, the hours you sleep, and other stats and uploads them to Fitbit.com where you can also log workouts, meals, and other fitness events. Check your stats and progress in real-time, as it gives info on steps, distance, calories burned, and floors climbed with a single button. It’s the pedometer reinvented – and it’s one of our favorite fitness tools.

Best of all, the Fitbit Ultra uploads its data wirelessly and automatically to Fitbit.com – just step within 15 feet of the base station that’s plugged into your MAC or PC and the tracker will upload.

Once your data is up on Fitbit.com, you can analyze the visual graph, use your custom dashboard to chart progress, and just generally get schoop on what exactly is happening with your body. Log everything with your tracker, your smart phone, or your computer. The Fitbit Ultra makes it easy.

P.S. The Fitbit Ultra also allows for you to share info with friends and create your own private groups to set collaborative or competitive goals on Fitbit.com. You can also join public groups where you can get fitness advice from others who share your fitness goals.

This is soooo much more than just a pedometer – and that’s the reason why it made it into TIME Magazine.

To get yours, check out the Fitbit Ultra at Heart Rate Monitors USA. We stock the Ultra in both blue and plum – and both are under $100!

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